Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Schadenfreude (Part I)

Howie Carr is just a delight, insolent, insufferable and arrogant when the GOP wins, he turns into a craven sniveling whiny beeyotch when they lose.
So of course, today's column is a delicious primal scream of infantile despair over Scott Brown's defeat....which included this gem:
"Despite his upbeat concession, Brown hated losing to the fake indian".
Wow read minds much Howie?
Anyway it can't be any more painful than having a fake soldier as our uniform loving Junior Senator for two long years....
Meanwhile over in today's Globe Jeff Jacoby is bitching and moaning about the divisive smear campaign that Obama unleashed on poor unsuspecting Mitt Romney.
Well...Gee Jeff having your patriotism and very American Birthright incessantly questioned and derided is bound to make a reelection bound US President mighty quick on the draw.
Besides where was all this bleeding heart concern over nasty campaign tactics when the "Swift Boat Liars"were burning up the news cycle in 2004?
Oh and those cute little band aids embossed with the Purple Heart that got passed around at the GOP convention...a  very crude dig at John Kerry's war injuries and all passed over by Jeff Jacoby with a prim sacerdotal silence.
Ah but this is Jeff we are talking about, he wants to blast his opponents, righteously, all he ever seems to do is set fire to himself....