Thursday, November 01, 2012

If we aren't going to have any discussion about the

physical consequences of climate change in this presidential campaign (and we are not believe me, Mitt Romney alone is a statesman who unconvinced of global warming and the efficacy of FEMA), then we must have a discussion about how best to prepare the East Coast of the USA for the results of "extreme weather".
By this I mean protocols for the sharing of resources between states post-weather event, appropriations for evacuation housing, improvements in evacuation routes, strengthening upgrades to the electrical grid and long term studies as to the contours of the Atlantic coastline in fifty and one hundred years.
OR we could just have that climate change conversation now before events force hasty decisions of us later.
Not for nothing but the Romney Campaign mus t be writhing with impatience and tsuris, Hurricane Sandy has pushed their sh*t out to the ten minute mark on the evening news, a veritable exile in the final week before a national election.
Anyway, skip over to they've got a well displayed button thereon to make Red Cross contributions, money is the great solvent of trouble, money buys food shelter and warmth in a trice....remember that going forward.