Friday, November 09, 2012

Karl Rove

allegedly shook down the Overclass for three hundred million dollars in SuperPAC contributions all in a bid to unseat President Obama on Tuesday.
As of 10:18pm EST, 11-9-2012 he has just exactly nothing to show for the effort, every penny of it WASTED!!
I've waited a long time for Karl's Komeuppance, it was well worth the wait believe me!
My Ghod three hundred million dollars thrown away, truly we need a new Overclass in this country the one we have right now is too credulous & self destructive by half!
Y'know the great political managers have a short life expectancy, the Mark Hannas, the Louis Howes, the James Carvilles have maybe two campaigns in them, and that is it!
Afterwards they can lobby, lecture, write, yak it up on TV...Or they can become fundraisers and plunge off the cliff that beckoned so saucily to Karl Rove this year...

Three hundred million think of it, you could buy a lot of pastry for that kind of long green, shee-it you could corner the domestic market with liquid assets like that.
And given the outcome this Tuesday the money would have been better spent doing just exactly that!