Monday, November 12, 2012

The State GOP

appears to be in a self pitying transport of despair following last week's thorough drubbing at the polls here in the Commonwealth.
They lost seats in the lege, couldn't elect Tisei or re-elect Brown, pretty much they got served across the board.
As a democrat and a blogger, I can watch that process with some grim amusement...and yet I'd give the Massachusetts GOP even odds today to capture the governorship come 2014.

Stop and think, the democrats have to gin up a candidate they aren't gonna have Deval Patrick with his charisma and record of achievement to headline the ticket.
Moreover the list of democratic gubernatorial aspirants (admittedly notional at this point) runs the gamut from the experienced and well known to the unknown-with-potential.
I would rate none of the democratic aspirants currently bruited about as particularly inspired or charismatic.
Moroever if the default regression to the mean in Massachusetts tends towards big democratic majorities it also resets pretty effortlessly to republican governors to keep an eye on the democrats.
The opposition still has some names out there who can fundraise and have run statewide both successfully and unsuccessfully...that is more than enough to get started as far as Humble Elias can see.
A lot depends on whether or not John Kerry makes the jump to Foggy Bottom, that could upend things very nicely for everyone over the short term.
Which I why I wanna go on record and beg the Senior Senator to resist any offer to become Secretary of State, for about a dozen good reasons we need him here in Massachusetts!