Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Scott Brown, Premature Elation...

Well, Former State Senator Scott Brown's two year long victory lap ended abruptly last night as democrat Elizabeth Warren (hereafter known as the Little Professor from Oklahoma) wound up & decked his bony ass.
Scott will have hopefully have made some lucrative contacts and dug up some good lobbying gigs to supplement his muscular National Guard pension, cuz the gravy train grinds to a halt in two short months.
Scottie we hardly knew ye....
Ghod Howie Carr must be having a fugue right now....
Well what can I say, Brown "went negative" over the whole indian ancestry issue and kept it up even as the whole argument got embarrassing and lame.
Worse all the good will he built up with independent women last summer got vaporized by the end of September, the man looked and sounded like the worst sort of entitled bully.
His base though must have loved it, certainly the hapless lout who screamed at my Warren for Senate" sign,  "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" was heavily invested in that narrative.
And there is a lesson there, one thing Brown was good at was getting borderline Falangists to vote, contribute and work for him even as he posed as a sort of Indian-loathing Northeastern Moderate Republican.  But yez gotta dance with them what brung yuh and so their issues in some way became his issues and off a cliff he drove in  campaign SUV.
It didn't help much that he amassed no record of note his two year Senatorial Career nor did it do him much good to virtually put himself up for public auction every time some issue of transcendent significance came before the US Senate.
Still, his political career is hardly over, his wife is still comely, with Tisei's defeat down on the South Shore last night he becomes the highest ranking GOP officeholder with worthwhile name recognition & a definite constituency as well. And he has good fundraising ability as well...will it be Governor or Senator?  That depends on these rumors of John Kerry's move to Foggy Bottom (something I devoutly hope does NOT happen)...but then again a serious Charlie Baker v. Scott Brown gubernatorial primary could be a fun damage fest to be sure.
Like Dr. Fu Manchu, likely we will hear from Scott Again.
Meanwhile congrats to the Little Professor from Oklahoma, she done blew a hole thru the glass ceiling in state politics, what Healey, Coakley, Swift & O'Brien could not do, Warren pulled off with aplomb.
This is a good thing for both democrats and republicans an important needless and sexist barrier has at last been breeched.